3 Glam Bridal Hairstyles

Looking classic on your wedding day has always been part of every girl’s dream. But what if you wanted to add a little twist to your glam look? These hairstyles help to do just that, mixing tradition with a little bit of modern glamour.

Look 1: The Updo

Nothing looks more regal than a classic updo. The style involved setting the hair in curlers to create volume. The stylist then worked to tease hair at the crown, and finally arrange twirled pieces of hair to culminate at the side of the head. For a final effect, a flower was added on the other side of the bun to offset the heaviness. The finished look combines beauty and classic Bollywood charm.

Look 2: Letting Your Hair Down

Cascading curls were created to make this look simple, polished and beautiful. To add a touch of glamour, one side of the hair was swept up with decorative pearl pins.

Look 3: The Braid

A thick braid is reminiscent of old Bollywood glamour, and this hairstyle is definitely a throwback to that era. To update this style, another smaller braid was added and serves as a crown at the base of the teased hair. Bringing back a touch of the classic glamour can make your special day or any special occasion very memorable.

Don’t Forget the Lashes

The vintage look cannot be complete without lashes that go for miles. Many women use false lashes for their big day, but what if there was something more permanent that would last for three weeks and looked more natural? Lash extensions have become the latest craze. For prices ranging from $250 – $500, it is not for everyone’s budget. However, you get long lashes and defined eyes without needing to wear mascara.

Hair & Makeup: Joni Laree, JLareeArtistry.com
Photographer: Lara Phillips, LPDeezignPhotography.com
Model: Mousumi Behari
Location: Crimson Lounge, CrimsonChicago.com