5 Skin Care Tips for Brides and Grooms

Here's what our skincare experts offer as their most favorite secrets for brides and grooms. 

Tip #1: Skin Care is a Lifetime Commitment

Since skin is the largest organ of your body, it needs the most care. Stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. Practice a twice-daily skin care regimen (not using soap) and you’ll be rewarded with soft, strong and radiant skin.

Luxurious skincare

Luxurious skincare

Tip #2: Start on Day One

Get the ring, get the date and get a facial. The stress of planning a wedding can result in skin breakouts, which causes more stress and a vicious cycle unless you find the right products and brands that work best for you.

The glowing bride and groom at the haldi ceremony

The glowing bride and groom at the haldi ceremony

Tip #3: Get Facials

In general, a facial is needed once a month. If dealing with acne or other dermatological condition, the treatment may be once a week. Giving yourself plenty of time ahead of the big day will ensure that your sparkle will be at its best. The traditional haldi (turmeric) ceremony is one of the oldest forms of cleansing facials, relying upon the medicinal properties of the magical root.

Tip #4: Pamper Your Hands

Hands are exposed to the most abuse from our use of soap and chemicals. Start pampering them early by moisturizing with a good hand cream twice a day at minimum. If you are working with harsh chemicals, moisturize more often. Your hands will be highlighted in many of your wedding pictures to show off your rings and henna. Take as good care of your hands as you do of your face.

Mehndi by Henna Lounge. Photo by Michelle Feileacan

Mehndi by Henna Lounge. Photo by Michelle Feileacan

Tip #5: Test Your Henna

There are two main types of henna: natural and artificial. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it won’t react with your skin. The best thing is to schedule a henna consultation at least a month in advance. This can help detect and prevent any allergic reactions to henna products well ahead of time. Henna does have natural cooling properties and was traditionally used as a sunscreen.

Your efforts at skincare will be worth it on your special day!

Additional photo courtesy of Colson Griffith