M-Sutra Bride

M-Sutra Bride

M-Sutra Bride was established in October 2010 upon the former name: "M-Studio Concepts"- Enhancing your natural features by catering to your individual needs with a touch of flawless elegance in Beauty Bridal and Design…  

Their team of Freelance artists specializes in achieving the “Ultimate Beauty Experience,” by working closely with each individual client and catering to their specific needs in terms of color, style and complete look.

Whether you are Asian, Western, or whether you prefer the Traditional, Modern or Contemporary look, they are committed to your satisfaction, whatever the Occasion. They recognize that each person is unique and our makeup applications adapts to your style and preference.

Makeup is used to create a balance to the face with skillful application. Weddings and Special Occasions are times to treat yourself and look your best!

Their expert team are original yet creative, creating timeless looks to enhance any individual’s natural features or transform their imperfections into a Polished & Finished look that lasts all day.

Their goal is to offer our clientele a one-stop shop for all their beauty needs and to provide Beauty, Bridal and Design Services in the comfort of your own home which include:

*Beauty Concepts: 
-Makeup Artistry
-Skincare Consultations
-Hair Styling
-Facial Threading

*Bridal Concepts: 
-Bridal Mehndi
-Bridal Makeup
-Bridal Hair Sculpting
-Dupatta Setting
-Jewelry Setting

*Design Concepts: 
-Henna Design
-Ad and Webpage Design
-Logo Design

~*As well as having lots of fun! 

For more information or inquiry, please contact them at: