For All Seasons

For All Seasons

By Rachna Bhatt

Recently I visited the Seasons India’s Bridal section in Santa Cruz, a suburb in the ever-bustling city of Mumbai, for a chat with Mr. Sunil who manages bridal and online sales. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of bridal lehnga choices and wondered how a bride limits herself to just one perfect outfit.

How do you keep up with these changing trends?

We keep in mind the requests from brides, the fabrics for the seasons and try to create edgy looks for traditional outfits.

For example, we cannot change the basic lehnga pattern because it is for a wedding, but today’s contemporary bride does not like a bride of yesteryear. We change the styling of the blouse and give it a western touch.

We try to make the lehnga look super-chic without making it revealing, so it’s a good balance and appropriate for all ages and body types.

What are the latest trends this season?

This season is all about the blouses, the Anarkali jackets, the appliques and embellishments. We have kept the basic lehnga simple but have added detachable belts, along with appliques that can be moved around to change the look of the lehnga and make it versatile.

This design idea emerged from a bride’s suggestion: She asked if there was a way to tone down the top lehnga after the wedding to use it for other occasions without overpowering a friend or family event. Our design team came up with the perfect solution: We added the heavily embroidered Anarkali jacket, the heavy dupatta, the hook on belts and embellishments for a heavy bridal look. But all of these individual elements can be toned down for another event by just using the dupatta.

Also “in” this season are the no-fuss sarees. These are pre-pleated sarees and have hook-on attachments for draping. These make the outfits easy to wear, easy to manage and less bulky.

Do you have any celebrity in-house designers?

While we don’t have an in-house celebrity designer, we do carry exclusive celebrity collections. We have a big design team that works cohesively and considers every aspect, including fabrics, movie trends, color options, client feedback and their own creative outlet.

Well, even though I am not getting married again, I would love to try on some of these outfits and re-live past butterflies of selecting the perfect outfit.

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