Bhairavi Jaikishan: Our Exclusive Interview

Bhairavi Jaikishan: Our Exclusive Interview

We know her for the elegant and vibrant ethnic designs she presents on the runway. She may be the daughter of a legendary music director Jaikishen and veteran designer Pallavi Jaikishen, but she holds her own in the world of fashion. It’s been a memorable 25 years in the business for her and we asked her about what makes Bhairavi Jaikishen the designer of choice for brides around the world.

You've been creating beautiful clothes for 25 years. Share some special moments with us.

These 25 years have been magical. It is a journey filled with joy, excitement, experimentation and color. The process has helped me to evolve not just in my creative field but also in life. 

How did the love of clothes and design begin?

My exposure to fashion began when I was very little. Ever since I can remember, I have seen my mother deal with fabrics and designs. The process of seeing an idea being developed into an exquisite outfit was mesmerizing. My mother is now in her 40th year of fashion and her show at the Lakme fashion week was a celebration of these 40 years – a moment of pride and celebration for us all. Fashion was the most natural profession for me to get into.

What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is life. I feel that in any creative profession, what you experience in your own life eventually comes out in your creativity. By nature, I am a happy soul and I try and get this happiness into my clothes. When a client puts on my outfit, she should feel good about herself. She should feel like a princess. I attach a lot of feelings to my designs. I feel it is very important to work on the emotional quotient of a design. Every woman who wears my clothes should feel fabulous in them. I believe that when you feel good, you will automatically look good. I am also a good observer, and this trait is an added bonus in my creativity.

Tell us the journey of your garments from your imagination to the runway.

I am fortunate that I am in a profession that I love. There is no systematic process to the madness involved in my creativity. I am blessed that it comes naturally to me. The process usually starts with a simple idea. The idea is constantly being developed in my mind at a conscious as well as sub-conscious level. Before I know it, i have a concept for the collection ready. 

Since your father was a famous music director, are we see you being a more prominent part of Bollywood?

I am extremely proud of my parents and credit them for my creativity. I have learned everything I know about fashion and style from my mother. My spontaneous style of working is probably from my father, who used to compose his music in similar fashion. I am a very hands-on designer and devote most of my work time to my fashion brand. I have received a few offers from bollywood for styling movies. However, I was not able to devote the needed time for those projects – maybe in the future some time.

Has there been a most memorable bride you have designed for?

Every outfit is memorable and special; the excitement of creating something new is always a thrill. The newest outfit is always the most exciting one...until the next one comes along.

Did you design your own wedding ensemble? What did you wear?

I wore a beautiful Pallavi Jaikishan outfit for my wedding.