Alex + Gary: San Francisco, California

Alex + Gary: San Francisco, California

Gary Fisher first saw his wife-to-be, Alex Zaphiris, while waiting in line at the annual Bike to Work After Party in San Francisco. They exchanged glances but said nothing to each other. Later that night when introduced, Alex could not believe the man she was flirting with earlier in the evening turned out to be an all-around bike celebrity.  Gary is often called the godfather of mountain biking and founder of Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes.

Two days later Alex took a detour on her way home and stopped at Zeitgeist for the first time, feeling a strong urge to go inside. Gary was there, alone, drinking a beer. They recognized each other, began talking and right away realized that not only did they share a strong attraction for each other but also had many common interests as well.

Alex is a family physician. Before Gary met her family, Alex made him watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding because, like the main character in the movie, Alex grew up surrounded by her large Greek family, working in the family’s New York diner.

The couple enjoyed many bike rides together and when it came time to plan the wedding, there was no question in their minds that bikes would play a major role.

The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral in the Mission District. During the ceremony the priest mentioned how devout Gary had become as a new member, even coming to Mass on days when Alex was not with him.

After the ceremony the couple climbed into a pedicab rickshaw, as did many family members and guests. Others rode their own bikes or rental bikes while members of the San Francisco Bike Coalition slowed traffic for the procession to move through the streets and Golden Gate Park to the Cliff House, where a traditional Hawaiian band welcomed the guests.

Alex and Gary’s wedding was an inspired event especially fitting for a unique couple.

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