Thoughts from the Father of the Bride

by Chef Ranjan Dey

When your daughter is getting married, there is a mix of emotions that is hard to express. You are happy, sad, anxious, worried, and hopeful – all at once. Dads, daughters and weddings create a complex and challenging storm. A daughter’s wedding is rough, tough and hurtful for dads. Tradition dictates that dad pays for his daughter’s wedding, both financially and emotionally. All in the pursuit of the wonderful grand prize of losing your daughter to another man. (I love you Sean, my wonderful son-inlaw, but still….)

Looking at it rationally, I am just so happy. My daughter, Sarah, is beyond cloud nine. She found her soul mate, with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life. And now I get to look forward to becoming a grandfather!

On the other hand, I hope…
I hope this marriage lasts the test of time.
I hope they do not fall out of love.
I hope, I hope, I hope.

You can’t blame a father to always try and be protective of his daughter, can you? My daughter’s wedding helped me manifest the numerous dad personae of myself. I have always been the rock for our family and do not know how to feel my feelings, so I did act out! And even perhaps misbehaved.

Most of the time, I was the devoted daddy, but I was also the checkbook-in-hand dad. Many a times, I was the dad with the longest nose in the history of mankind, poking it into insignificant and unimportant decisions and driving everybody crazy. Sometimes, I was a distant dad as well, seemingly not too interested in all of the wedding planning.

Sometimes, I was in denial and could not believe my daughter was getting married and would soon belong to somebody else. But I am one lucky guy to be around to play the role of a dad at my daughter’s wedding.

Chef Ranjan Dey is owner of New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco, California. 

Venue: Wyndham Parc 55
Photo & Video: Xsight
Wedding Planner: Sarah ConroyDey
Day Of Coordination: Avant Planners
Floral: Asiel Designs, Showcase Flowers
Linens: Wildflower Linens
Photo Booth: Exquisite Lighting
Rentals: Stuart Rentals, Hartmann Rentals, India Bazzar
Horse: Hackney Horse and Carriage
Caterer: New Delhi Restaurant
Cake: Cake Coquette
Hair and Makeup: Maria O’Reilly
DJ/Dhol: Toofan Soundz
Pianist: Sarah Harris
Guitarist: Matt
Cocktail Music: Gerry & Band
Dance Performers: Dhol Rhythms
Wedding gown: Paris Connection
Mens Suit Rentals: Men’s Warehouse