5 + 2: Corporate Couture

5 + 2: Corporate Couture

What do I wear? We all face this question every day: 5+2 is our answer. It's a full week's concept -- ready for everything from teleconferences to taking-it-easy. We provide you at least 7 combinations with just a few pieces, so you can mix, match, or modify to make it entirely your own! Just click on the links to access the item, or you will find a suggested alternative (or add in pieces you already have!). Complete the look in 3 easy steps: The Basics, The Sparkle, and The Casual.

We're all familiar with Corporate Casual, but in this edition, we decided to dress it up a bit as Corporate Couture. This 5+2 combination is easy breezy, but with a sprinkling of pixie dust. For daytime, it is more accessible, and for the evening, the look transforms into twilight twinkle. Whether it is a conference call or cocktail hour, you will look your best for whatever opportunity comes your way.

Step 1 of 3: The Basics


Step 2 of 3: The Sparkle


Step 3 of 3: Casuals