3 Tips for Wedding Catering

3 Tips for Wedding Catering

Successful Relationships with Your Caterer

We asked Chef Ranjan Dey, owner and chef at New Delhi Restaurant, for advice to brides and couples on their big day. With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality and catering industry, Chef Dey has illuminating gems to share!

1. Use a reputable caterer.

If you use reputable, well-known, and well-established vendors, it will go a long way in making your day a big success. Reputable vendors have good relationships with other vendors, and that team effort helps things run smoothly.

Chef Dey recounts: “We had a wedding where one of the suppliers did not bring any tables. Can you imagine a wedding without tables? No one could set anything up.”

Luckily, because of his strong industry contacts, Chef Dey made a few phone calls and was able to have tables delivered from another supplier. “The bride didn’t have to be bothered, and we sorted it all out behind the scenes,” he says.

Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your day and your guests than chasing down erstwhile tables on your wedding day? Which brings us to our next tip:

On location at New Delhi Restaurant

On location at New Delhi Restaurant


2. Treat professionals as professionals.

When you treat professionals as professionals, you spread good karma, have better relationships, and get more out of your vendors. Plus, you keep your own stress levels down.

“Give your wedding experts the latitude to do what they do best,” says Chef Dey. “When you hire experts, they have done this many, many times. They have a reliable team, and they may even know your other vendors.”

Wedding professionals love a good wedding, and they want you to be happy. When given a chance, your experts will go the extra mile: Allow them the opportunity to surprise you!

New Delhi Restaurant in the heart of San Francisco

New Delhi Restaurant in the heart of San Francisco


3. Give family members a defined role. 

It is natural for your family members to want to pitch in and be a part of the festivities.

“If you have family members who want to participate, assign them tasks, such as ushering guests, being in charge of the presents, doing a final check of the centerpieces,” advises Chef Day. “This helps things run smoothly and keeps everyone focused.”

It also allows your caterer to get through their preparations.

“Your caterer will only take directions from you,” says Chef Dey. “If they receive direction from family members, they will need to double-check any new instructions with you, so it doubles the work and slows down the process.”

These 3 easy tips will take the pressure off you so that you can enjoy your big day!

Images courtesy of New Delhi Restaurant. Original post has been updated for clarity.